Spokane, Washington 2019

If you are interested to see blog posts from this project please look here: Blog 2019

This year, as Ecological Action has done for the past two summers, we traveled to a Native American Reservation and partnered with GRID Alternatives to install solar panels. This year’s project was our largest undertaking. GRID planned to stay the whole summer in Spokane, Washington with the Spokane tribe to install twenty-three separate solar arrays. Our small team of nine joined the ongoing projects in two locations. We split up and one group worked on two different residential houses while the other installed on the Tribal Fish Hatchery. We are so excited to share with you what we have worked on this summer! Working side by side with GRID staff and tribal members to achieve energy sovereignty and power a nation with clean and reliable energy is no easy task, and I am so very proud of the work we achieved.  I hope that we have inspired others to also work towards clean power and energy for all of us, and for our planet.

-Riley Weeks