How did EcologicalAction come to be? (Jeff Boyce)

EcologicalAction began because of the commitment of one individual to making the world a better and more sustainable place. That young person is Abbie Weeks. She wanted to start  an after school environmental club because our school cafeteria used styrofoam trays. I taught Abbie how to calculate the cost of the styrofoam trays and then compare those costs with the initial cost of the plastic trays and the cost of cleaning the trays on a daily basis. It turns out (as is often the case) that the plastic trays were the less expensive option in less than a year. (You can look at our calculations here if you are interested.) After a presentation to the principal and the cafeteria manager, the decision was made and our school now uses plastic trays!

So what next?

After that initial success, we decided to embrace that old environmental adage… Think Locally, Act Globally.  Enter into the picture Mr. Jackson Kaguri and the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project (NAOP).  Jackson is one of the most inspirational individuals that I have ever met. And it turns out that an ecologicalAction founding member, Lauren McMillen, felt the same way. Lauren has been fundraising for NAOP since she was in the 7th grade. When I told her that I wanted to install solar panels at Nyaka, she was ON IT.

So here we are…

Abbie, her mother Amy, an amazing science teacher and Lauren, are leaving on Monday (6/6) with the Boyces (Jeff & Amy) for Nyaka. The bags are packed. We have 6 pv-panels that are 330-watts. We will be installing almost 2kW of capacity in a week. We have inverters. We have charge controllers. We have power disconnects. We are going to buy batteries in Kampala on Friday (6/10). We leave Kampala on Saturday and will begin the install on Sunday.

So what about you?

We have been fundraising for almost 8 months and while much of our costs are covered, there is still so much to do! If you feel compelled to give, please give. Here is the link to our fundraising platform. Thank you for taking the time to read about our trip. Thank you for caring!


Jeff Boyce


Initiative to Remove Plastic Bags in Greenwood Village (Abbie Weeks)

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Click here to listen to Abbie Weeks and Julian Crawford speak before the Greenwood Village City Council on January 4, 2016 about this initiative Once at the site, move the audio slider to approximately 1:03.25 to hear Abbie and Julian speak to Greenwood Village City Council members and Mayor Ron Rakosky.

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The Villager March 9, 2016