Hello, all!

Just some recent updates as to what Ecological Action has been up to! Recently, Abbie and I presented in front of an auditorium of over 900 Cherry Creek High School students in celebration of Global Awareness Day. Hosted by Amnesty International, this day allows students to be challenged by new perspectives and inspired to do good in the world. We talked about what Ecological Action has accomplished in the past seven years, and where it is headed (hint hint we are now a non-profit!). But most importantly, we encouraged students to find their passion in life and stick with it, because passion is what makes life worth living. An important part of what we do is sharing it with others, and Global Awareness Day was a great platform for this. Thank you so much to the students and teachers who came to watch us speak, and thank you, reader, for your continued support!




Abbie and I smiling after our presentation!

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