Our final day of work was a flurry of action. At one point I realized that some of the graduated senior students on our team were working with next to no direction from GRID staff. We were all able to place and wire the micro-inverters correctly, drill in flashing, and lay panels. We maneuvered around the roof still a bit clumsily to avoid tangling our harnesses’ wires, but our legs were a bit more adjusted to the steep roof slope; we’d earned our roof legs! We were sad to leave the work site, but proud of the sheer quantity of panels were were able to install this year, and grateful for the opportunity to work with local community members, students, and residents on their homes. 

Fish Hatchery:

Our final day on the build site was bitter sweet. Looking around, I saw how much we had been able to accomplish. Rows of panels gleamed around me, as fish splashed in their huge holding areas. Working on the hatchery was an amazing experience that showed me how powerful and successful it can be to put the environment first. The fish hatchery, a place constructed to breed fish and release them back into the tribe’s own waters, combined with the power of alternative energy, is a strong force of change that already and will continue to have a does  positive effect on the tribe, its community, and beyond. I am so grateful as always to work with GRID and enact positive environmental change, one solar panel at a time.


Emma K. working atop the Hatchery

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