IMG_1527Hi all! Lina Krueck here, reporting from Pine Ridge, South Dakota and Chadron, Nebraska bringing you more exciting coverage of the Pine Ridge Eco Action Solar Panel Install Trip! Day One was just the beginning to an even more exciting Day TWO! Tuesday was the day the real adventure began in Pine Ridge, starting with the Cultural Orientation led by Mr. Doyle at the Oglala Lakota Housing Authority office just at the southern end of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

That morning, the 7 of us kids who slept in the large tent woke up around 8 to the lovely sound of birds chirping. When we emerged from the tent, we began preparing for the day. Tooth brushes, socks, sweatshirts, and water bottles were all being used, changed, and filled throughout the campsite, while water boiled on the stove. We had coffee and oatmeal for our “healthy and balanced” camping breakfast. Finally, we hit the road towards Pine Ridge around 8:45.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on our way to the reservation. I was nervous. Being a Native American who grew up in middle class Denver, Colorado where I never had to worry about not having a house or food on the table made me feel guilty. I have lived such a comfortable and sheltered life and I’ve never had to go through what many Natives have while living on the reservation. As we drove further and further into the reservation, I saw run down houses and cars. People were walking down the streets smoking. Dogs were running around covered in ticks. I felt a surge of anger rush over me because people shouldn’t have to live like this.

The good news is that people like us who partner with the people at companies like GRID Alternatives (who are absolutely wonderful, by the way) are striving to make a difference for Native people. I hope that some day clean energy is the number one way that reservations like Pine Ridge power their lives.

When I first saw the house we would be installing on, I was definitely surprised. It looked slightly newer than most other houses in the area. Mr. Doyle talked about how the housing authority is working to build new houses, so it made me happy to see that the house wasn’t run down and old.

Everyone I’ve talked to so far about our project and solar has been very excited about it! I think a lot of people here have a great mindset, they think positively and know that clean energy is the way to go, and that’s why we’re here. To lower the cost of their bills, while also helping the planet!

I’m proud that the tribe is doing everything they can to try to live better lives, thanks to the work of the people at the housing authority and our help with GRID. I had a good feeling as we began to install that cleaner energy is going to make its way through Pine Ridge to benefit many people, and hopefully we can share our knowledge of solar with many others so that the world can be a greener place

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