At the airport… (Abbie Weeks)

No journey is completed in isolation. To think that one person can change the world without help is sheer folly.  This morning demonstrated that.   We arrived at the airport with 3 boxes containing 6 330-watt solar panels , 2 boxes of racking materials (used to mount the solar panels) and 5 duffel bags containing inverters, charge controllers, tools , wires and the kitchen sink.  Total weight….800 pounds of checked baggage. Over weight, over sized and the folks at United Airlines took care of everything!  Special thanks to Holly, Patty and Jerry Martinez who is the ramp supervisor.   He made sure the solar panels would fit through the doors of the plane and said that he would personally load them. Like I said, journeys like this don’t happen in isolation!

Next stop? TSA. These folks have been getting a lot of bad press of late, but the crew at DIA went above and beyond today.  The boxes that the panels are in are too big too be scanned and had to examined by hand. These folks opened the boxes and made sure they were safe. They were so excited about our trip and really helped make what could have been a challenge a great interaction!

On the plane and off to Washington D.C. for a short layover and then on to Brussels!   I have some anxiety about the solar panels making the connection with us, but we have built in some extra hours in Belgium so they can catch up to us if we miss them. I will keep you posted!

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